United States - Alabama

NameUS - KY Film Office Incentive
FundKentucky Film Office
TypeProduction Incentive
Project typesFeature Films, TV series, TV single work
Nature of projectFiction, Animation, Documentary
Funding calculation % of QE upto30
Funding calculation infoof QE OR 35% incentive for Kentucky resident labor OR 35% incentive for filming in an enhanced incentive county
Qualifying expenses infoFringes are not eligible
Nature of fundingSelective
Nature of funding infoEligibility asserment
Who can applyNational Production Company
Who can apply infoProduction company registered in the State
All year roundYes
When to apply infoThe application must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to production spending activity / The Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority meets once a month to approve incentive requests
RecoupableNot Recoupable
Tax typeTax Credit
Financial supportNational Productions
Minimum local spending infoAt least 250 000 USD (feature film/ TV programmes)/ 20 000 USD or 10 000 USD for KY residents (documentaries and broadway show)
Individuals paying income tax inKentucky
Service companies paying taxes inKentucky

Contact Details

Name: Jay Hall
Phone:+1 502 564 4930