United States - Alabama

NameUS - Arkansas Production Incentive
FundArkansas Production Alliance
TypeProduction Incentive
Project typesFeature Films, TV series, TV single work, Web project, Computer games
Nature of projectFiction, Animation, Documentary
Annual budgetThe incentive program is scheduled to sunset on June 30, 2019
Funding calculation % of QE upto30
Funding calculation info20% on all qualified production and post-production costs of a state-certified film project / 10% bonus for the payroll of BTL full-time Akansas residents
Qualifying expenses infoPayments for salaries or wages (ATL and BTL) are eligible for the rebate if they are reported to the division and are subject to state income taxes / Only the first 500 000 USD of wages or salaries paid to each resident and nonresident that are subject to Arkansas income taxes is eligible / Cash payments to vendors may not exceed 40% of the total verifiable costs
Nature of fundingSelective
Who can applyNational Production Company
All year roundYes
When to apply infoFirst come, first served
RecoupableNot Recoupable
Tax typeTax Rebate
Financial supportNational Productions, Coproductions, Foreign Productions
Minimum shooting days infoAt least 75% of the production
Minimum local spending infoProduction: minimum 200 000 USD of production costs within a 6 month period / Post-Production: minimum 50 000 USD within a six-month period
Individuals paying income tax inArkansas
Foreign individuals paying income tax inArkansas
Service companies paying taxes inArkansas
OtherIncludes costs incurred in Arkansas in the development, preproduction, production or post-production of a qualified production

Contact Details

Name: Christopher Crane
Phone:+1 501 682 7676