Australia - Australian Capital Territory

NameAU - Production Incentive Attraction Fund (PIAF)
FundFilm Victoria
TypeProduction Incentive
Project typesFeature Films, TV series, TV single work
Nature of projectFiction, Animation, Documentary
Annual budgetThe Production Incentive Attraction Fund (PIAF) aims to attract ‘footloose’ film and television projects to Victoria. Projects are considered footloose where they have genuine production or post production destination alternatives.
Nature of fundingAutomatic
Who can applyNational Production Company, Service Production Company
Other requirementsProject fully financed where the PIAF grant does not form part of the project’s finance plan. The budget must include at least minimum Australian industry award rates for any screen industry practitioners being engaged on the project / Has evidence of genuine interstate or international production destination alternatives for the project / Has evidence of genuine marketplace interest for commercial release or distribution of the project (theatrical release/broadcast television/commercial online distribution) / Will engage a majority of screen industry practitioners who are Victorian residents.
All year roundYes
When to apply infoApplications can be received at any time and are assessed every four to six weeks.
RecoupableNot Recoupable
Tax typeTax Credit
Tax type infoProduction incentive
Financial supportNational Productions, Coproductions
Minimum local spending info350 000 000 AUD. TV pilots not meeting this threshold are considered on a case by case basis
Individuals paying income tax inVictoria
Foreign individuals paying income tax inVictoria
Service companies paying taxes inVictoria
Good & Services spent inAustralia

Contact Details

Name: Joe Brinkmann
Phone:+61 3 9660 3255