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A Revolution In 360 Shooting Hardware

The Cartoni Total Dutch Head

Skilled camera operators are always hunting for gear that will give them a reliable and fluid movement. Finding hardware that performs as well shooting a straight pan as a complete, 360 tilt has been a futile pursuit, until now.  Thanks to Cartoni, an Italy-based manufacturer that has specialized in professional camera support since 1935, an easy-to-use, light-weight solution has been designed.

The Total Dutch Head – recently displayed at Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles 2017 – is a patented professional tool that adds a three degree axis lateral rotation movement to any classic heavy-duty pan and tilt head.  Weighing in at 23 pounds an easily installed to the top of any head with two 3/8” screws, the Total Dutch allows the camera operator to create complete 360 rotation shots.  The rotations are performed by a direct-steering wheel with a hollow center that serves as a cable channel.

The Total Dutch Head has a continuous fluid drag and a temperature range of -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Its maximum payload capacity is 55 pounds.

Check out this great innovation, and the many other camera support items, by visiting the Cartoni website: