Coming Soon: Variety411 National Directory

Over the past several decades, the Los Angeles and New York film, television and commercial production communities have relied on the quality, all-encompassing listings found in the LA 411 and New York 411 directories. From studios to camera rentals, from craft services to cinematographers, the 411 production directories have been a “one stop shop” for every production’s need.

411 Publishing recognizes the need to support the growing national production community. With the aid of many unions and film commissions across the United States, a wealth of production listings have been added to enhance the national site.
Watch for the re-launch of – the destination for all your film, television and commercial production needs across the nation!

Dowload the application below to apply:

pdf National 411 Listing Application

Our mailing address to submit applications and any additional materials you need to send for verification is:

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FAX NUMBER: (323) 617-9461


NOTE: We are in the process of re-creating our online application process.

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