Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco

Address:10 E. 40th St.
24th Fl.
New York, NY 10016
Fax:(646) 395-8077
Phone:(212) 758-2625

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I wish I could rate this 0 start. This is the worst experience of my visa applications for many countries. I was applying for the tourist visa. I sent my package through USPS with tracking, it showed delivered to the consulate with some one’s signature. Then I had never received my passport back. I tracked my prepaid USPS mail, it showed the package was never submitted to USPS. Then I had tried to call them many times, emailed, Facebook message… all different ways that I could find but no response. The phone rang but no pick up. I could not wait longer as my next trip in 2 weeks, and I had planned my travels for next 6 months with everything booked and paid already. My money order was cashed out by them already. As I could not contact them, I was forced to call their Embassy in DC so they can transfer my case coz I did not have much time left before my travel overseas which I needed my passport. At least I was able to contact the embassy. They picked up the phone and told me that they would get the Consulate to contact me later. Later on, I got a call from the Consulate said that the visa was issued and my passport was mailed back. Right away I checked with USPS the tracking showed nothing, USPS did not receive yet. I thought maybe USPS not updated so I called USPS, and the staff confirmed the same thing. Then I responded him that USPS showed no package was submitted yet, then the guy kept avoiding and kicking the missing passport to USPS. I asked him what time and who dropped the mail, he could not answer. At that moment, my gut told me that he was lying. I kept waiting and contacting USPS again with hope it might be missing but would be showing up soon. Unfortunately NEVER. My passport indeed was missing at the CONSULATE. They cashed my money order for the visa, but never have returned my passport. After that, I was unable to contact the consulate ever. No response AT ALL. I have all my visas of many countries with 4 valid visas that I needed for my next travels (4 countries including US visa) in that passport for my legal stay in the US and my coming travels. Finally I had to accept that my passport is missing at the Consulate and I need to get a new passport, but no way I can get all my visas replaced within 2 weeks before my travels. It took me so much time and money to get my new passport ($300), cancelled my first trip with my friend of no refund on hotel and flights (costed us $2,000), reapplied for the visas in that lost passport, and forced me to travel back to my country to get a new visa (as a foreign student can not get US visa in the US). The missing passport had caused me both money (about $5,000) and so much time to deal with police report, going to the consulates for reapplying missing visas, flying back to my country for US visa, cancelling one of my trips, plus so much stress and worries as your just a foreigner in the US without a passport and visa…But the problem is not just that. When tracking my travel history in the US, I have found someone else travel history under my name, and obviously not me. It will cause me more time to go to the airport to confirm and clear this but in the meanwhile its still there. I cant help but really wonder if someone else travel history dislocated in my account has anything associated with my lost passport? Still a pending question till I can go to the airport and figure out.

So PLEASE VERY BE CAREFUL TO GIVE YOUR PASSPORT TO THIS CONSULATE. IT MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU AS WELL. And the cost can be so so bitter if your a foreign student in the US like me with all valid visas from other countries…I would suggest you SHOULD NOT DO any business with this place, maybe try the embassy or other consulates.

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