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The Party Goddess Emphasizes Party Planning Details

Marley Majcher doesn’t take the name “The Party Goddess” lightly.  With a business degree from Georgetown University and years of restaurant management and catering experience, her company, “The Party Goddess,” has become the go-to event planning agency for the Hollywood elite

When she was 19, Majcher enrolled in a French speech class and focused a class project on French cooking.  She conducted an interview with the chef from the “1789 Restaurant” in Georgetown, and became smitten with the chef and the industry.  While she pursued her business degree, she continued her involvement with the restaurant business by taking a cooking class in France.

In 1992 she became a food purveyor, and, with the assistance of her chef boyfriend, opened a restaurant/catering company called “Abiento.”  In 2000, Majcher re-branded her company, changing the name to “The Party Goddess” and the focus to planning big corporate events and weddings.

“The idea to focus on events sprung from my experiences with catering,” said Majcher.  “Every event, every party has a greater chance for creativity.  There’s always a new menu that has to be developed, there’s always a different budget and clientele.  I’m able to control all the details and know everything will be handled to the specifications that I want it to.”

As Majcher’s business has grown and developed, she’s thrown private parties for celebrities including Britney Spears, Katherine Heigl, Snoop Dogg, and Pierce Brosnan.  She’s also planned large events for organizations including the Los Angeles Philharmonic and The Critic’s Choice Awards.  Although each event is different, her approach hinges on the same questions.

“We always get together with the client and ask a ton of questions,” said Majcher.  “We don’t worry about looking unintelligent.  We need to understand what they want their event to accomplish.  What’s the point?  What needs to happen?”

Aside from discovering what the party is for and what it hopes to achieve, primary questions include the amount of attendance, the time line of event, the structure of the event and the market it needs to reach, and the budget.

“I also want to know if they have thrown events in the past and if so, why they are coming to me for this one,” said Majcher.  “What worked and what didn’t at the last event?  I want to anticipate, from a client’s perspective, what could go wrong with the planning and organization of their event.”

Majcher then presents a one-sheet to the customer outlining the details before she begins location scouting.  Once a location is found, Majcher does a walk-through to not only observe the aesthetics but ask specific questions that affect the execution of the event.

“I like to double-check on noise restrictions, the need for a valet, will there be staff parking or will we need to rent extra space, will the power supply be adequate, will environmental factors such as sunrise/sunset and tide have an effect,” said Majcher.  “Permits are especially important.  In Malibu, you need a permit for things including parking and tents. Some buildings in downtown Los Angeles have strict fire codes, where all material needs to be flame retardant.   You always want to make sure you are in compliance with codes well in advance.”

When Majcher works on events such as The Critics Choice Awards, her efforts are combined with the event committees as well as marketing and creative departments to carry out the theme and event logo through all the details of the event.

“We have production meetings and a series of walk-throughs,” said Majcher.  “We verify who is handling each aspect of the event.  We also ensure the logo design is carried through the event.  We’ll bring in Pantone color chips to make sure the linen, flowers, and everything else matches the client’s specifications.”

Majcher feels her business background has assisted her in building a strong company.  Her knowledge has helped her in dealing with permits and insurance issues as well as with contracts and negotiations.    Her staff includes a head designer, two coordinators, three top planners, an IT team, and a database of qualified waiters, bar staff and valets.

“I’m in this for the long haul, not for a wham, bam, thank you ma’am,” said Majcher.  “I remind my staff that we are here to make the client happy.  One way I do this is by having my host welcome each guest as they arrive by saying ‘We’re so happy to have you here!’  The most important aspect of any party planning is the ability to make people happy!”

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