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Streetlight Awards Continue Tradition Of Diversity In LA Entertainment Industry

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Los Angeles experienced some very dark times in 1992.  Dorothy Thompson created “Streetlights” in response.  During the organization’s 2013 Reception and Award Celebration, Thompson informed studio representatives, past and present students and special guest that her initial intention was to help heal Los Angeles by spreading diversity awareness the best way she knew how.

“Our community was hurting,” said Thompson.  “The riots had torn Los Angeles apart.  I knew I had to do something to help.”

Her idea was to bring members of the community together to provide an entry into the thriving film business of Hollywood.   Those Los Angeles residents who came from “economically or socially disadvantaged” sections of the community would receive extensive production assistant training, qualifying them to obtain careers in the entertainment world.    Since 1992, Streetlight graduates have worked on over 10,000 commercials and music videos, 540 feature films, and 525 television projects, and have been employed by companies including 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount, HBO, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., and TNT to name a few.

Actor/producer Michael Beach (Soul Food, Waiting to Exhale, Broken City) reunited with actor Corey Reynolds (Hairspray, The Closer) and local ABC 7 news reporter Miriam Hernandez to honor this year’s outstanding student achievements.    The trio not only applauded the students who, after an application process and interview screenings, were selected to participate in the intensive six week training program, but also the companies and individuals who hired the students after their training was complete.

“I am so proud to be a part of this event, and will continue to support this effort of bringing diversity to our sets and hope to our future,” said Reynolds.

The evening’s award recipients included young adults who overcame involvement in gangs, broken or parentless homes, and lives in the toughest, low income areas of Los Angeles.   Two of the recent graduates had already been inducted into unions (one as a costume designer, the other an electrician.)  Another recipient saved the life of his director when the production’s van caught fire.  All were shining examples of dedication, hard – work, and the chance to prove they could achieve their dreams.

Special awards were also presented to respected industry collaborators Marianne Yomkheere and The Association of Independent Commercial Producers for their generous and dedicated support.

This year’s Streetlight Awards Recipients include:

Charlette Brown

David Adams

Andrea Peraza

Julian Quinonez

Marianne Yomkheere

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers

Matt Miller


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