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Streamlining The Digital Supply Chain; RSG Media and Xytech Joint Solution

RSG Media and Xytech want to help content owners. The two companies recently announced the creation of a technology partnership.

RSG Media, purveyor of the dominant media business rights management system and Xytech, the leader in facility management software for the broadcast and media industries will integrate their flagship products in this new partnership. The goal of this venture is to simplify and streamline the complex task of automating the digital supply chain to maximize the monetization of content.

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As content programmers seek to grow digital revenues by taking advantage of the increasing number of new platforms available, they are faced with a time consuming and expensive process, filled with an ever changing variety of requirements, formats and standards. Xytech and RSG’s solution successfully combines rights and order management functions in one system, effectively closing gaps previously found in the digital supply chain.

RightsLogic®, RSG’s rights management product, helps programmers determine which media assets programmers can use, when, and how it lets them window and schedule the content for maximum profitability. The system handles the financials, from amortization through royalty payments, and it presents usage, revenue and royalty information from every platform in at-a-glance dashboards and custom reports.

Xytech’s MediaPulse platform is a scalable solution automating workflows, managing assets, scheduling resources and offering an end-to-end order and billing system. The platform-independent, browser-based application tracks and manages workflow, resources, and costs from the moment a programmer publishes a schedule through media asset delivery for distribution or play-out.

As the companies have pre-integrated their two systems, programmers can implement a joint solution, gaining the benefits of digital supply chain automation quickly and easily. Xytech and RSG Media have already implemented their solution at one of the U.S.’s largest, Spanish-language broadcast networks.