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ShortsHD Brings Oscar Nominated Shorts To Theaters

ShortsHD, in conjunction with Magnolia Pictures, is releasing The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012 beginning February 10th in over 200 theaters across the US and Canada.


The ShortsHD program was initiated to provide a platform for a wide audience to watch all nominated shorts competing in the annual Academy Awards race.  Since its inception in 2005, attendance to the ShortsHD screenings has grown 800%.


“Everyone who works on a short film is truly doing it for the love of the craft of filmmaking, and an audience gets to see a true independent film,” said Michael Nathanson, a lead actor in the 2012 Oscar nominated live action short “Time Freak.”   Nathanson spoke briefly about the benefits of a wide audience having the opportunity to view short films.

“The short form allows artists from all cultures, classes, and identities the chance to express themselves.  (It also) allows the filmmakers to be as bold and daring with their ideas as they like.”


On February 10th, ShortsHD will open in Los Angeles at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre and in the Santa Ana/Coast a Mesa area at the South Coast Village Theatre.  The shorts will be broken into three separate admission programs, determined by the category each film was nominated in:  Animation, Live Action and Documentary.


Along with the theatrical run, the nominated short films will also be released individually on iTunes beginning February 21st in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and other iTunes stores throughout the world.   The shorts will also be available on cable’s Movies On Demand (MOD), and will be available via Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse, Cablevision and Cox Communications.


“In the case of ‘Time Freak’ we wanted to make an accessible short film while retaining the independent spirit,” said Nathanson.  “When it comes to short films, it’s a fun challenge for an actor to show a complete character that people feel they can relate to, or want to care about, in such a short amount of time.”


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