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Red Camera Enthusiasts Get Educational Advantage

M. Galas

On July 23rd,  Los Angeles welcomed  Red One owners from around the globe as they gathered to  participate in the seven-day REDucation intensive workshop.

“The first REDucation series was sold out after three weeks,” said Createasphere’s president Kristin Petrovich.  “The event attracted attendees from all over the world, from areas as far away as India and Japan.”

REDucation, developed by Red One, was broken down into two sections: the “Red Tech’ session that provided hands-on, in-depth training with the Red camera, and the “Red Post” session that focused on the work flow and editing process of the Red’s raw data.  Approximately 50 people attended each seiminar, of which 95 percent of both sessions participants were Red One owners who were taking the seminars to perfect their knowledge of the Red systems and operations.

“The program is expected to continue evolving,” said Petrovich.  “There are three additional dates scheduled for the Los Angeles area, and we expect to branch out into national events in 2010.  The goal is to provide something that’s a great benefit to the production community.”

The REDucation Community Day was developed to provide a chance for the production community to attend demonstrations and network with industry professionals.  In addition to panels and presentations, an exposition floor was set up where attendees could meet vendors and ask specific product questions.

Prior to the public’s admittance, special “how-to” demonstrations and panels were held for the REDucation students to ensure they received one-on-one time.

Highlights from the expo floor

Red Rock Micro had a number of their matte boxes, lens gears, and focusing tools designed specifically for the Red One.  Individuals were invited to test out the products on a nearby Red display.

H2O PhotoPros were on hand with a number of underwater cases they’ve developed for the Red One camera.  In addition to pressure systems that will emit an audible alarm if the presence of moisture is detected, the cases come with a monitor protector and a lens extender.

JMR offered demonstrations of their storage systems.  They were on hand to discuss the various units they had available for rent, and were able to assist in assigning a storage unit to the workload of the production and the type of computer being used by the DI/editing team.

Keslow Camera and Schneider Optics had side by side booths.  Although many individuals in attendance were very familiar with their services, they emphasized the skilled technicians on their staff that could help with renter’s Red Cam needs.

Also in attendance at the REDucation community day were:
1 Beyond, Adobe Systems, Inc., Alternative Rentals, Areca/CineRAID, Autodesk, Automatic Duck, Birns & Sawyer, Bogen Imaging, Da Vinci, Digital Vision, DVS Digital Video, Inc, Eizo Nanao, Film Light, FotoKem, G-Technology, IDX System Technology, Inc, IGI, Iridas USA, JMR Electronics,  Key Code, LaCie, Mac Professionals, Maxx Digital, Media Distributors, MTI Film, Nebtek, R3D Data, Rimage Corporation, Rosco USA, Silverado Systems, Tekram USA, Inc., and Vegas Pro 9/Sony.