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The Variety 411 Production Incentive Chart Makes Your Production Budget Go Further

All the world’s a stage – literally.  In an effort to lure producers to beautiful locations and sound stages from Los Angeles to Luxemburg, New York to Newfoundland, many states and countries offer competitive production tax incentives.  These incentives range from rebates to refunds based on a vast assortment of factors, including how many shoot days were spent in their area, the amount of local actors cast in key roles, how many local crew members were employed and many more.  However, the incentives frequently fluctuate, depending on changes in local legislatures, modifications to budgets and many other factors.  How can a producer possibly find a reliable source to review current production tax incentives?

By visiting Variety 411’s comprehensive  global production incentives guide!  Prominently featured on the website, the global production incentives guide is presented as an easy-to-us global map.  As the user scrolls across a region, a drop down appears allowing them to select their region of interest.  Users are able to easily browse production incentives in all fifty United States, as well as regions within New Zealand, Australia, France and Canada.

The map allows users to search by country, state or province and gives access to types of funding, funding calculations, application requirements and more.  Powered and consistently updated by OLFFI, Variety 411 users have a means of finding the best locations that will maximize their return on a production incentive!

Visit the Variety 411 production incentive chart by clicking here: