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Prime Time Emmys: From The Red Carpet To Backstage

M. Galas

The mercury rose to 100 degrees when the stars arrived on the 61st Annual Prime Time Emmys red carpet.   Several surprises were in store (Jon Cryer wins for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series!  Jessica Lange wins for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries/Movie!), as well as some repeat winners from last year (paging “30 Rock” and “Mad Men!”)  411 Publishing was there to bask in the glow of televisions brightest stars.

The Red Carpet

When asked how they felt being on the red carpet, the stars more often then not said "hot." 

Kathryn Joosten, a regular on "Desperate Housewives" as well as a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Board of Governors, declared "Why can’t there be a wading pool right there, right in the middle of the carpet!" as she made her way over to the photographer’s area.  Patrick Warburton, vocal talent on the Outstanding Comedy Series nominee “Family Guy,” made light of his sweaty appearance by commenting on the carpet’s location,  "Let’s put the red carpet in the middle of a bunch of buildings, and make sure there’s no breeze.  They should be glass buildings, so that they reflect the heat upon you."   Ken Howard, Outstanding Supporting Actor for a Miniseries/Movie for his role in “Grey Gardens” said, "It’s hot!  I was just speaking with the Marines who had recently come back from Iraq.  I know it’s not as hot as Iraq, but to me it feels like it must be."

Despite the uncomfortably warm situation, the attendees were in good spirits and happy to be part of the event.

"It’s a great honor, you know, it really is," said Christian Clemenson, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Jerry Espenson on “Boston Legal.”  "It’s something completely outside of my normal life and yet people thought enough of my performance to think of me and vote for me.  It’s an amazing thing and I don’t take it lightly at all."   David Zayas from the cast of "Dexter" said , "I feel very privileged to be attending this Emmy event that our show has been acknowledged by.   I’m humbled by it."  Jennifer Morrison from the cast of "House" praised the show’s cinematographer, Gale Tattersall, for his role in creating the look of the Emmy nominated drama.  "He’s lovely; he’s a perfectionist and such a professional.  He will go and go until it is perfect only because he wants to do the best work possible, and he wants us all to look as good as possible, so we’re all incredibly thankful and indebted to him for that."

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The Awards and Backstage

The evening began with a surprise, as Kristin Chenoweth won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on "Pushing Daisies."    During her acceptance speech, Chenoweth said "Thank you so much to the Academy for recognizing a show that’s no longer on the air."  Backstage, Chenoweth shared her enthusiasm for winning the award, and indicated her next roll will be on the Broadway stage.  "I’ve been practicing my singing!"

After Jon Cryer won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on “Two and a Half Men,” it seemed the evening was poised for surprises.  During his acceptance speech, Cryer joked "I used to think that awards were just shallow tokens of momentary popularity, but now, I realize they are the only true measure of a person’s real worth as a human being."   Once backstage, Cryer entered the press room with a camera crew in tow.  "Don’t ask me any questions yet, they told me they want to do a bit in the broadcast," Cryer told the press.  Unable to hold out, some eager reporters asked Cryer about his outfit.  "It’s Gauthier!" said Cryer just before the cameras started rolling for the live skit.

After winning the Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series award for his work on “The Office,” Jeffrey Blitz said thanks "to that cat that got thrown into the air and came down with this."  Blitz did not appear in the press room, perhaps fearing the questions that would have been asked about his acceptance speech.

As the awards continued, the usual suspects began to appear on stage, including Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey.  After the seventh consecutive win in the Outstanding Reality Competition Program, "The Amazing Race’s" Bertram Van Munster was asked in the press room if he would take the show out of the ring of competition so other shows would have a chance.  Van Munster replied, "No.  Why would I want to do that?"

Following a speech by Bruce Gowers, winner of Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series, who reminisced about his start as a cable puller and making commercials for "ten quid a night and all the hamburgers you could eat," was the writing team for the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart."  Their head writer stated he was speechless, adding, "I haven’t had anything to say ever since George Bush left office."

After "30 Rock" won for Outstanding Comedy Series and "Mad Men" won for Outstanding Drama Series, the show came to an end.  As people commented on the fine job Neil Patrick Harris did as host, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama winner Bryan Cranston entered the press room.  Regarding his second win for playing a cancer-stricken high school teacher who sells crystal meth in “Breaking Bad,” Cranston said, "It’s great to play such a complex character in this show, and to be recognized for this work."  


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