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NYPA Announces New 2012-2014 Board Members


The New York Production Alliance (NYPA) is an organization composed of members representing a variety of business, production companies, trade associations, vendors, union members, studios, and talent who are dedicated to promoting film, television, video and new media production through New York City and New York state.  NYPA acts as an advocate promoting the issues of importance vital to all members of the production community, and regularly facilitates communications between government and industry leaders.

An organization facilitated by volunteer efforts, NYPA held an election June 26th to fill recently vacated board seats.  Below is a list containing the newly elected board directors (and the organizations they are professionally affiliated with) as well as the returning members of NYPA.

Each board member will serve a two year term.

New Directors for the 2012-2014 term:

Aaron Biberstein – New York 411

Barbara DeFina – Producers Guild of America

Flo Mitchel-Brown – Entertainment Partners

Veronica Sullivan – NBC Universal

Returning Directors for the 2012-2014 term:

Anne Hubbell – Kodak

Dennis Reiff – DR Reiff & Associates

Jean Frost – Directors Guild of America

Mike Jackman – Independent Producer

Rick Lopes – AICP

Stephen Bernstein – Panavision

Stuart Match Suna – Silvercup Studios

Ex Officio Director 2012-2014:

John Ford – IATSE Local 52

Seated Directors serving the 2011-2013 term:

Colleen Donahue

Debbie Gleason

Anne Johnson

Thea Kerman

Terry Lawler

Flo Mitchell-Brown

Burke Moody

Elia Scoropanos

Jae Je Simmons

Benj Whitehouse

Carl Zucker

2012-2013 Officers

Morty Dubin – Chairman Emeritus

Michael A. Jackman, Jae Je Simmons – Co-Chairmen

Terry Lawler, CarlZucker – Executive Vice Presidents

Anne Johnson – Treasurer

Jean Frost – Secretary

John Amman, Anne Hubbel, Stuart Match Suna – Vice Presidents

To learn more about the New York Production Alliance, please visit their website: