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Note To Listees Regarding Incoming Job Requests

Variety 411 Remains the go-to resource for the film and television production community, enabling users to connect to qualified businesses, services and crew members.  Tools such as the “Request A Quote” function and the “Leave A Review section have been a great aid in ensuring individuals have found the best matches for their needs.

We are proud to be a trusted resource.  While we continue to vet all Variety 411 listees, we do not have a means of vetting individuals who contact you from our directory.

Variety 411 would like to remind you to thoughtfully review inquires and submissions that you receive for any type of employment on a production.  Here are a few helpful tips to avoid unpleasant situations:

  • Watch for spelling errors, poor grammar and an incorrect use of the English language in email correspondences.
  • Avoid filling out contracts or supplying any personal information such as social security numbers without meeting or speaking with individuals first.
  • Avoid sending images that are not watermarked or copyrighted.
  • Direct inquiries about past work experiences to your website or IMDB pages.

If you receive a request you feel suspicious about, it is good to trust your instincts.  Feel free to contact us at Variety 411 if you have any questions regarding communications you through the Variety 411 resources at