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Costume Designer Janie Bryant Creates 50’s Inspired Style Line For Women

Merging sophistication in design, realistic functionality and period authenticity is something costume designer Janie Bryant excels at. The past ten years have seen her create iconic looks as she’s tackled projects that scaled the decades.  She received her first Emmy win for the western designs in HBO’s “Deadwood.” “Mad Men” found her tackling the sophisticated 50s styles of the business men and women working on Madison Avenue (and receiving award recognition for each consecutive season).  This summer, her 80s designs helped ground the audience in the horrifying reality of the big screen remake of horror classic “It.”

Most recently, Bryant has turned her sights off set to designs meant for the everyday woman.  On October 21st, she launched her own twelve piece collection at Burbank,CA boutique store Unique Vintage.  Bryant’s line of women’s clothing is inspired by authentic 1950s outfits, adhering to the structured fashion of the era.  The silhouettes accentuate the classic, feminine hourglass shape and boast unique, delicate details including scalloped pearl necklines, dotted mesh overlays and buttoned backs.  The designs are offered in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL

“I was so excited to discover Unique Vintage as they have an amazing assortment of vintage inspired looks, from the chic and retro swimsuits and wiggle dresses to pencil skirts and gorgeous gowns.  Katie and I share a true love of vintage so working together to create a retro inspired capsule is a dream come true.” said Bryant..

“We’ve been huge fans of Janie’s work for years, so getting to work side by side with her creating this collection has been surreal!” said Unique Vintage CEO and owner, Katie Echeverry. “Janie and I immediately bonded over our love of vintage clothes. Our taste and design sensibilities were so in sync from the start that it made the collection come together so naturally. We’re very proud of what we’ve put together.”

The collection is priced between $68 to $188 dollars.  It made its trade launch on August 14th, 2017 at WWD MAGIC (like Variety 411, WWD is a member of Penske Media Group).   The collection has just been released to retail consumers at the flagship store Unique Vintage.  It is also available at partner boutique stores and by visiting