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Lubezki Receives Third Consecutive Top Honor At 30th ASC Awards

Emmanuel Lubezki receives the ASC Award for Theatrical Release for his work on “The Revenant.”

By: Marjorie Galas

Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s work did not feature prominently in the 30th Annual ASC Awards opening clip reel – a montage dedicated to the best cinematography captured over the last thirty years. It did not stop the heralded DP from collecting his fifth ASC Award for his work on “The Revenant.”   First nominated in 2000 for his work on “Sleepy Hollow,” Lubezki has collected the top honor first in 2007 for “Children of Men.”   His third nomination, and second win, came in 2012 for “The Tree of Life.”  This year’s award follows last year’s win for “Birdman” and his 2014 win for “Gravity.”

Upon receiving his award, Lubezki stated he was thrilled to have worked in the open air and thanked director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for his unlimited enthusiasm and vision throughout the production.

“People have focused on the difficulties of shooting this film but for me it was a treasured experience unlike any other to work in the Rockies,“ said Lubezki. “Most important to me with Alejandro’s passion and energy.  I share a big thank you with him, for he was my teacher, and with the cast and crew of this film.”

Although Sir Ridley Scott, the recipient of the ASC Board of Governors Award, was on location and unable to attend the event, he sent a video commending the work of all the great cinematographers he’s worked with over the years. A director who got his start on six camera television dramas, he stated he understood the challenge of crafting a great shot and shared his respect for all the cinematographers involved in the craft.

ASC Presidents Award winner Bill Bennett, ASC, thanked all the mentors and teachers he’s had the pleasure to work with over the years. Lowell Peterson, ASC, received the ASC Career Achievement in Television Award.  Peterson stated the most profound moment in his career was the day he was inducted into the ASC.

“I never intended to have a career in TV,” said Peterson. “It’s funny, I worked with four other previous ASC Lifetime Achievement winners from MTM (studios.)  I’m proud to be included in this grand tradition.”

While the Bud Stone Award hadn’t arrived in time for the ceremony, the winner, Delux Lab’s Grover Crisp, was still equally grateful.

“Now I know why I had such a great table this year,” joked Crisp of his proximity to the stage.

ASC Lifetime Achievement Award winner John Toll, ASC, marveled at the fact that he was the camera operator for the first ASC Awards thirty years ago.

“The work throughout my career has been demanding, rewarding and a lot of fun, and I’m still going,” said Toll.

The winners of this year’s ASC Awards include:

Television Movie, Miniseries or Pilot – Pierre Gill, CSC for “Casanova” Pilot

Television Series – Vanja Cernjul, ASC, HFS for “Marco Polo” The Fourth Step

Spotlight – Tie between

Adam Arkapaw for “Macbeth”


Matyas Erdely, HSC for “Son of Saul”

Theatrical Release – Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC for “The Revenant”