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KitSplit Brings Shared Economy Production Rental Platform To Los Angeles

KitSplit is the latest entry into the film production “shared economy.” Originated in New York in 2015 by Kristina Budelis, the org experienced a wild growth spurt in 2017 after acquiring its competitor CameraLends.  Now, the Brooklyn-based production equipment rental platform is further expanding its reach by opening a satellite office in Los Angeles.  The company will celebrate this expansion through an invite-only party in Silver Lake, California on November 3, 2017.

Budelis originally created KitSplit as a resource to handle her own issues renting gear during her years as a freelance video producer.  She recruited two of her fellow New York University grad school alums, Lisbeth Kaufman and Ken Amarit, to serve as her co-founders.  Collectively, they developed a platform that sources gear from rental houses, production companies and individuals across the US.   These entities are able to obtain a sources of income from the KitSplit rental community when their gear is not in use.  All companies that rent gear are vetted before being entered into the KitSplit data base.

For those looking to rent, KitSplit offers a free membership.  The rentee is encouraged to browse equipment, which consists of everything from DSLRs and Arri Alexas to Oculus Riffs and other VR equipment.  KitSplit offers a price comparison of its community rentors, and offers an easy payment policy.  The site also offers comprehensive insurance packages necessary prior to rental, and has 24-hour tech support for the rental community.

To learn more about KitSplit, please visit: