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Keeping “The Main Thing The Main Thing” At The ADG Awards

M. Galas

Host Paula Poundstone reminded the crowd who’d gathered to celebrate the Art Directors Guild 16th Excellence in Production Design Awards of the quirky comments she’s heard art directors share over her last three years.


“Art directors like to keep ‘the main thing the main thing’ and they ‘want to do walls,’” said Poundstone.  “It’s a wonder you’re not all in therapy.”   


Prior to entering the ceremony, many of the evening’s honorees and guest shared a few of their own statements as they walked the red carpet.  Here are a few of their one-liners:


“We built Paris in London – we never make the movie in the right place.” – Dante Ferretti, production designer – “Hugo”


“We have four generations of people now working on the show in our studio crew.  There are grandchildren who are working there who’s grandfathers started on the show.” – Keith Ian Raywood, production designer – “Saturday Night Live”


“We knocked on doors in the snow, and did all kinds of things in the Midwest and it was…fun.  I keep saying get us a film in the South of France!”  – Jane Ann Stewart, production designer – “The Descendants”


“Ryan Murphy has a great eye for visual input, he really starts you out with a couple of cardinal ideas, one of which was a phrase he calls ‘house porn.’” –  Mark Worthington, production designer – “American Horror Story”


“Jerry Bruckheimer said I want skulls, I want blood, and I just went OK I’m the guy!” – John Myhre, production designer – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides  

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The winners of the Art Directors Guild Awards were:  

Outstanding Directorial Achievement In Feature Film
Michel Hazanavicius – "The Artist"

Movies For Television And Mini-Series
Jon Cassar – "The Kennedys"

Dramatic Series
Patty Jenkins – "The Killing," "Pilot"

Comedy Series
Robert B. Weide, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Palestinian Chicken"

Musical Variety
Glenn Weiss – 65th Annual Tony Awards

Reality Programs
Neil P. Degroot – "Biggest Loser," "Episode #1115"
Outstanding Achievement In Documentary Film
James Marsh – "Project Nim"

Daytime Serials
William Ludel – "General Hospital," "Intervention"

Children’s Programs
Amy Schatz – "A Child’s Garden of Poetry"

Noam Murro (Biscuit Filmworks) – Heineken Premium Light, DirecTV, Volkswagen, EA Battlefield 3