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Kaplan, Allen and Pinkus Included In ADG’s “Three Artists You Should Know” Exhibit

“Scandal” production designer Corey Kaplan’s photographs are included in the ADG’s “Three Artists You Should Know” exhibit.

You may be aware of the work of production designers through the environments they design for your favorite movies or television shows. Many of these talented individuals are practicing artists as well, creating paintings, photographs and works in a variety of medium. To promote the skills of their talented members, the Art Directors Guild curates a special showcase several times a year entitled “Three Artists You Should Know“ at Gallery 800 in North Hollywood. On exhibit in the most recent “Three Artists You Should Know” showcase are production designer Corey Kaplan, production designer Gene Allen and scenic artist Stasys Pinkus.

Currently acting as production designer for ABC’s hit “Scandal” and upcoming ABC drama “Stitchers”, Corey Kaplan has worked in both film and television. She has been nominated for four Art Directors Guild Awards – three for “The X-Files” and one for “Cold Case.” Two of her “The X-Files” nominations resulted in wins. She has also received two Emmy nominations for “Cold Case” and “The X-Files.” Her contribution to the “Three Artists You Should Know” exhibit is a constantly evolving photo compilation.

In 1982, Kaplan hit the Hollywood streets Halloween Eve, capturing the electricity in the crowd. Begun as a way to highlight her progression as an artist, she’s continued chronically the evening every year since, amassing an astounding amount of photographs. She continues the process with the same two cameras she began with: a professional grade camera and a simple camera purchased at a thrift shop. She completes each Halloween’s artistic log with a self-portrait. Kaplan found selecting images to display an extremely challenging exercise.

“I have hundreds and hundreds of photos. There are so many of my favorites that I just couldn’t include in this exhibit,” said Kaplan. “While I never intended to create a political or social commentary, it really is interesting to note those sentiments are reflected in the images.”

Gene Allen began his career as an art director and production designer in 1954. His earliest credits include “A Star Is Born” and “Les Girls”, both of which resulted in Oscar nominations. Ten years later he won an Oscar for his work on “My Fair Lady.” He served as President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences from 1983-85 and Executive Director of the ADG. He received a Special Achievement Awards from the ADG in 1996.

While a regular attendee at the ADG’s “Three Artists You Should Know” exhibits, Allen missed the June 20th opening featuring his own artwork due to a health concern. Many oil paintings, highlighting young children at play and scenes of California, are amongst his work featured in the exhibition.

Scenic artist Stasys Pinkus work has been seen on television, in the theater, and on billboards around the country. His credits include the Academy Awards, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, billboards at Universal Studios, backdrops, murals and portraits for most major Hollywood studios.

The work included in Pinkus’ exhibition was a diverse array of styles, materials and dates that span his career as an artist. From the 70s were ink and dye wash experimental prints. From the 80s and 90s he had gauche and acrylic paintings depicting athletic events including football games and car races. From the early 2000s he had portraits in a number of media, and his most recent work included oil and acrylic landscapes completed within the last two months. At the center of his exhibit was a large abstract painting he had done for the set of popular soap opera, “All My Children.”

“It’s fun to see reactions to the pieces,” said Pinkus. “I’ve experimented with a lot of medium over the years, and I’m still at it.”

“Three Artists You Should Know” runs until July 25th at Gallery 800. Located at 5108 Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, Gallery 800 is open Thursday through Saturday from 2:00pm until 8:00pm and Sundays, 2:00pm through 6:00pm.
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