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June Webinar: A First For 411 Publishing And The PGA

On June 24th, 411 Publishing and the PGA (Producers Guild of America) will co-produce a webinar entitled “Incentives 101: What Every Producer Needs to Know to Maximize Production Incentives.”


“The incentives landscape has become increasingly complex,” said Sean Killebrew, Publisher of 411 Publishing. “411 is looking forward to partnering with the PGA on a topic that’s extremely beneficial for both our users and the Guild members.  Co-hosting a panel that navigates participants through the complexities of incentives and how to maximize them to their fullest extent will provide a great source of education and leverage for the 411 Publishing, Variety, PGA and independent film communities.”


John Hadity, the President and CEO of Hadity & Associates, Inc., will be leading the panel discussion. Hadity and Associates, Inc, is a consultancy firm that specializes in risk management and production finance for film and television.  Previously, Hadity served as EVP of Motion Picture & Television Production Finance for Miramax Films.  There, he oversaw the strategic planning, risk management, labor relations, business affairs, tax, government relations and financial reporting for over 250 production entities.  Hadity worked closely with government policymakers on the regional, state, provincial, and national levels.  While at Miramax, Hadity also served as a production rep on a number of feature releases including “Shakespeare in Love,” “The English Patient,” “Emma” and “Restoration.”


Joe Chianese, VP of Business Development at Entertainment Partners, will be moderating the panel.  Hadity will be rounding out the panel with experts and producers that will lend informative, cost-cutting information about production incentives available through local, state and national offices. 


“411 has been looking to launch a webinar series for months,” said Killebrew.  “Now that we’ve partnered with the PGA, we’re able to combine efforts to invite incredibly well-rounded individuals with expertise in the incentive field.  This will be our first webinar in what we hope will be an ongoing series.”

The first webinar will explore the necessary elements that one needs to acquire the full extent of production incentives.  This includes knowing what questions to ask, and what to look for when researching information about state and national incentives.   Future webinar will explore incentives packages available in specific states.


This free webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 24th at 2:00pm EST/11:00am PST, and is open to anyone who would like to participate.  There will be a Q&A period at the conclusion of the panel’s discussion.  For those unable to attend the webinar, a link will live on both the 411 Publishing and PGA websites that will allow users to review the webinar panel.


To sign up for the webinar, please click on the link below: