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ICG Emerging Cinematographer Celebration Kicks Off With Special Awards

The 2014 Emerging Cinematographers. Photo credit: Craig T. Matthew/Mathew Imaging

BY: Marjorie Galas, Editor

The calendar may indicate it’s fall, however for a a group of eight up-and-coming cinematographers, the springtime of their  new creative path was celebated a special awards ceremony held at the ASC Club House September 26th, 2014.  Wearing a red tie to “symbolize the recognition of new blood’ ICG President Steven Poster, ASC, kicked-off the 2014 Emerging Cinematographer honorees weekend celebration, which will conclude with an award ceremony September 28th, by welcoming them to the ASC and a long-standing tradition of cinematic excellence.

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Representing the judging panel, comprised by a croup of professional cinematographers, Jim Holt, ASC, reminded the honorees they now have the responsibility of sharing their skills with other up and coming cinematographers. Speaking to this year’s honorees, including Frank Buono, Devin Doyle, George Feucht, Sidarth Kantamneni, Kyle Klutz, David Krut, Bartosz Nalazek and Greta Zozula (long with honorable mentions Chris Heinrich and David Jean Schweitzer, SOC), Holt said “Remember this day, ad remember to help others.”

In the spirit of recognizing excellence in the advancement of cinematography through technology and education, four special awards were presented.  The Canon Award for Excellence in Cinematography Technology was presented to Codex.  Codex is a manufacturer of high end digital equipment for motion picture and television production.  Receiving the award for the 40 member, internationally based company was Sandra Parish.  In expressing the company’s thrill at receiving the special recognition, Parish emphasized  the company’s commitment not to replace film, but to streamline the digital process.

“We are not anti-film, but we are seizing the future and feel the process should be (run as smoothly) as film.”

Former ASC president Michael Goi was presented the Kodak Cinematography Mentor of the Year Award.  In addition to his Emmy nominated work on pas seasons of “American Horror Story” and “Glee” Goi has conducted sessions at Call State Northridge, the Maine Photographic Workshop, Columbia University and the ICG.  Goi stated his success was a tribute to the lessons he learned from his mentor, cinematographer George Spiro DiBie.

“It has been great to sit here with my mentor.  He told me I needed to speak up on set, and express my needs,” said Goi.  “If it wasn’t for that lesson I would have never made it this far.”

Goi looked up criticisms of his work prior to the event, and after reading a few of the most negative reviews, he followed with a letter written by a recent student.  The student appreciated working beside the Emmy nominated DP while shooting AMS-Coven, and felt he had received valuable lessons he could carry on into his career.  “That is the best form of praise their is.”

The Nat Tiffen Award for Excellence in Cinematography Education was presented to Judy Irola, ASC.  The DP’s first feature, “Northern Lights”, won the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1979, and she was one of the first female members of the ASC.  While she continues to shoot films and documentaries,  Irola is the Conrad Hall Chair of Cinematography at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where she has taught for over 20 years.  Upon receiving her award, she reflected on the first workshop she taught in 1992.

“It was really rough.  You spend three to four hours talking about cinematagraphy, and I was completely beat.  But after I thought about it, I felt really good because these people were all there, listening, because they really wanted to learn.”

John Bailey, ASC, received the Technicolor Cinematography Journalist of the Year award.  In addition to being an accomplished cinematographer who has two upcoming films, “The Forger” and “A Walk in the Woods”, Bailey has consistently maintained a blog on the ICG website and has written over 400 well respected article  focusing on the art and technology of cinematography.

Upon receiving his award, Bailey joked about the irony of accepting recognition for his writing with the ASC logo proudly displayed on the wall behind him.  He then took a moment to reflect upon his first impressions of cinematography.

“I had no interest in cinematography when I started out in the business, but knew I had to understand the image,” said Bailey.  “It was a love affair that hasn’t ended.”

While the eight Emerging Cinematographer honorees will receive their juried awards on Sunday, September 28th, they did receive a few special awards at the celebration.  Canon presented each honoree with a six month use of any package in their catalogue, and Leica offered the chance to use any photographic package.  Images taken with the package will b published in an upcoming magazine spread, and a print to be displayed at an upcoming Leica Gallery Exhibition.    Each honoree will also spend a day meeting with agents to learn some best practices to promoting their work and propelling their careers forward.

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