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Editor Hughes Winborne Describes Process Behind “Fences”

Whether traveling through the universe with an unlikely band of misfits or following the family dynamics that churn in their own back yard, editor Hughes Winborne skillfully cuts the story.  Winborne’s attention to the craft of editing has defined some of the most notable films of the last twenty years, from Billy Bob Thorton’s “Sling Blade” , Tate Taylor’s “The Help” and James Gunn’s smash hit “Guardians of the Galaxy”, for which he earned his second American Cinema Editors nomination.  His handling of the intense emotional landscape at the forefront of Paul Haggis’ “Crash” earned his first ACE nomination and award, as well as his first Oscar for Best Editing.

Winborne’s talents are currently on display in Denzel Washington’s theatrical adaptation of the Tony winning play, “Fences.”  “Fences marks a reteaming of editor and director, who first collaborated on Washington’s sophomore effort, “The Great Debaters.”  An admirer of Winborne’s attention to both natural rhythms and ability to find an actor’s truthful performance, Washington knew the editor would be the perfect partner to cut the textural language August Wilson infused in the screenplay he adapted from his own stage play.

CLICK HERE to watch a  Paramount Pictures video highlighting Hughes Windorne’s work in “Fences.”