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Singing And Scorcese At The ADG Awards

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BY: Marjorie Galas, Editor

Previous ADG host Paula Poundstone had kept the Art Directors Guild members ammused for three years with her ongoing improv highlighting the importance of walls, stylish eye glasses and the abundance of depressing sets.  Some wondered if this year’s host, Owen Benjamin, would be able to fill the sizable shoes Poundstone left behind.  The doubters were quickly silenced after watching a short video performance by Benjamin (and date) that perfectly outlined the work of art directors.  Per the whims of his date, an art department crew instantaniously changed the setting of a restaurnt from a standard dinner to a rustic mountain hideaway to a Parisian cafe with a view of the Eifel Tower. Later that evening, Benjamin seranaded them with a piano solo and sing-a-long that left the room humming his praises.

Prior to the presentation of the Lifetime Acheivement Award to Rick Carter, a film clip of sprinkled with stories by longtime collaborators Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg presented a stunning example of Carter’s numerous acheivements.  Carter thanked the attendees and declared, while holding the award in his hands, that his feelings of gratitued were far more profound than he thought they would be prior to the moment of receiving it.

Carter then bestowed praise on another special award receipient being recognized that evening; Martin Scorsese.  He worked with Scorsese early in his career while doing production design for an episode of the TV series “Amazing Stories.”  One particular scene required a mirror to be broken. Scorsese informed Carter that by no means would any mirrors be smashed or broken and a new alternative had to be discovered.

“It was a great choice and I understood exactly why he made it,” said Carter.  “I learned a lot about the importance of choices that affect the story that day and am forever thankful that he changed the course of my career. The fates are definately watching us.”

Upon receiving the Cinematic Imagery Award, presented to him by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, Scorsese thanked Carter.  “He understood!” declared Scorsese.  To further emphasising the importance of  a production designer’s understanding of a script’s intent, Scorsese referenced his long-time collaborator Bob Shaw.   While working on a scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street” that was being shot on location in a mantion, Scorsese was dismayed to find an immovable island in the middle of a kitchen.

“The characters are taking pills, they are staggering, and they have to run, there is no way this is going to work.  Then Bob said ‘Watch this.’   He got to the back of the room, ran and jumped on top of the island.  It was amazing – he understood.”

The Winners of the 2014 ADG Awards include:

Commercial, PSA, Promo, and Music Video:  Todd Cherniawsky, “Call of Duty: Ghosts”

Awards, Music or Game Shows: Steve Bass, “The 67th Annual Tony Awards”

Multi-Camera, Variety or Unscripted Series:  Tyler B Robinson, “Portlandia”

Short Format, Live Action Series: Brian Kane, “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome”

Half-Hour single Camrea Television Series: Jim Gloster, “Veep”

Television Movie or Mini-Series: Howard Cummings, “Behind the Candelabra”

One hour single Camera Television Series: Gemma Jackson, “Game of Thrones”

Contemporary Feature Film: K.K. Barrett, “Her”

Fantasy Feature Film: Andy Nicholson, “Gravity”

Period Feature Film: Catherine Martin, “The Great Gatsby”

Hall of Fame Inductees: Robert Clatworthy, Harper Goff and J. Michael Riva

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Rick Carter

Cinematic Imagery Award: Martin Scorsese