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Gravity Reigns At ASC Awards

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BY: Marjorie Galas, Editor

“The future is as bright as we make it – is shouldn’t be sacrificed for a few dollars that can be saved shooting on video tape..”

Thus the 28th Annual ASC Awards began, with a highlight real kicked off with the pivotal scene in “Boogie Nights” that ended the era of innocence.  While many of the evening’s nominess did indeed include content shot on film, the evening’s biggest winners were all shot on digital.  Emmanuel Lubezki took home the honor for cinematography in a feature  for his work on “Gravity” that merged film footage shot on an Arri 765 along with digital shot on the ARRIRAW.  Upon receving the award, Lubezki humbly thanked the ASC members, and included a “special thank you” to his colorist Steve Scott.  This was Lubezki’s third ASC award and fourth nomination.

Blake McClure, a first time nominee, received the award for best cinematography in a half hour television program for his work on “Drunk History.”    (see the Variety411 spotlight article for more on McClure).  Returning as a nominee for the eigth time was best cinematography for a one hour television series winner Jonathan Freeman, ASC for the “Game of Thrones” episode entitled “Valar Dohaeris”.  This was his fourth ASC win.

Prior to presenting the award for cinematography for a television mini series or movie, actress Debbie Allen stated her concern about the detail on an actor’s face that’s captured by modern digital cameras.  “We have to do something about that hi def – it’s evil.”  Jeremy Benning, CSC, was evening’s second first time nominee to walk away with an award for his work on “Killing Lincoln.”   Upon receiving the award, he thanked his parents who supported his career by providing him with a camera at the age of eleven.  He also paid special recognition to his crew in Virginia who were dedicated to the mini series from start to finish.

There was one more first timer at the ASC Awards – the new category of Spotlight Award.  This award was created to highlight the acheivement of cinematographers in films presented at film festivals or screened in limited release.  The winners of this innagural award went to the team of Lukasz Zal and Ryszard Lenczewski for their work on “Ida.”

Additional and previously announced awards included:

ASC International Award:  Eduardo Serr, AFC, ASC

Career Acheivement in Television Award: Richard Rawlings, Jr., ASC

ASC Bud Stone Award of Distinction: Beverly Wood, EVP of Technical Services and Client Relations for EFILM at Delux

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