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From The Pages Of Createasphere: Vortex Immersion Media

On a sunny LA summer day, Ed Lantz, CEO of Vortex Immersion Media, walks through the bustling Los Angeles Center Studios complex towards the Vortex Dome. Today in the darkened dome, a game company team is at work testing their latest immersive sci-fi game. They’re laser-focused on a young man in a special chair in the center of the space, careening a car on the moon’s surface while managing the threats coming at him from one side of the dome to the other. It’s engaging if a bit awe-inspiring for a non-gamer, making Tron seem more realistic as a possible, near-term human experience.


The Digital Dome Studio and Immersive Theater Venue is Los Angeles’ first fulldome screening facility. Vortex put the 50′ diameter dome in place to show the potential of the environment, and the company has seen increasing interest in its value for transmedia entertainment as well as in its use as an events and performance venue since it was installed last year. Lantz, an internationally recognized pioneer …


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