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From The Pages Of Createasphere: Building A Ledge

The script for Man on a Ledge called for protagonist Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) to spend the bulk of the tale perched 21 stories above a Manhattan intersection. An escaped convict trying to prove his innocence, Nick captures the city’s attention and distracts authorities while his brother conducts a daring heist across the street. Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Kidd had the responsibility of maintaining suspense throughout this thriller that was literally shot high in the air.


The initial concept for VFX in Man on a Ledge was limited. “We approached it as an in-camera movie,” says Kidd. “They didn’t really want to spend money on visual effects, so they tried to design it in a way that they didn’t have to do many at all. But of course in the end, you always wind up with twice as many as they were hoping for. In this day and age, even a romantic comedy has 150 visual effects shots, between beauty cleanup work and sky replacement and little things here and there.”


Over four weekends in 2010, Worthington’s ledge scenes were filmed..


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