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From Createasphere: In The Edit Suite With Christine Steele

Creative Director, Producer, and Editor Christine Steele led the webcast “Confessions of a Switcher: Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro and using an HP Workstation” on January 26, 2012, now available on demand for free. Createasphere caught up with Christine to get a sneak peek of the webcast.



Createasphere: How did you get started in editing? What was your first paid editing gig?


Christine: I began my editing career as an assistant film editor, when digital technologies were emerging and beginning to replace traditional film editing. I worked closely with Iatrou & Morgan Productions learning the craft of editing picture and sound from Ron Morgan and Milly Iatrou, who helped me secure my first paid editing gig (I use the term editing loosely here) as a “digital video assistant” to Eleanor Coppola — I worked on her documentary “The Making of Rainmaker”.


My first official paid Avid position was on a documentary feature for Frontline…


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