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FilmL.A., LA 411 Partner To Promote Local Filming In L.A.

A few months back, representatives of 411 News were present for the launch of “Film Works” — a stakeholder-driven marketing campaign designed to promote filming in Los Angeles.

Coordinated by FilmL.A., Inc ( but conceived and supported by a growing coalition of entertainment industry, community and government partners, Film Works was created to remind Angelenos of the economic and cultural benefits the L.A. region receives from filming, while highlighting the challenges local businesses and their employees face when production leaves California.

Recently, the folks at LA 411 got in touch with us at Film Works headquarters with an offer. Make 411 News one of the go-to resources for information about Film Works and LA 411 will sign on as a campaign supporter and help spread the word about the campaign’s goals and accomplishments.

Both ideas sounded pretty good to us, so before we go any further we’d like to publicly thank LA 411 for coming up with them and giving us this opportunity to share more of what Film Works is about.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Film Works, and you happen to work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, we’d love for you to check out our website ( and consider registering as a supporter.  Film Works is for anyone who supports filming and film production jobs in Los Angeles and wants the local entertainment industry to thrive.  If you’re a vendor or a supplier to the industry, and if you’ve not already had an opportunity to meet with and speak with a member of our team, then you’ve been missing out on some great progress:

Campaign Goal #1: Raise Local Awareness

Outdoor advertising is an essential part of the Film Works campaign.  On any given day during the last two months, between 5 and 20 full-size billboards have been visible in the area promoting the campaign and its tagline, “Reel Jobs: Real Impact for Los Angeles.”  Those billboards were recently joined by hundreds of posters going up in area bus shelters.  Later in April, hundreds of campaign pole banners will go up in districts throughout the City of Los Angeles, spreading word of the campaign and its purposes.

Goal #2:  Cultivate Key Partnerships

Since it launched last December, Film Works has picked up three new financial sponsors,   ten new in-kind sponsors, and hundreds of registered supporters and Facebook fans (people “Like” us).  We’ve partnered with the members of the IATSE Local 80 to promote a photography project called “Left Behind” and we recently co-produced a short public service announcement with Shoot Movies in California that will run sometime this summer in local theaters.

Goal #3:  Reach Out to Local Communities

Film Works has a three-fold purpose. We seek to promote filming in Los Angeles and renew local appreciation for filming’s economic benefits, but we also want to thank the area neighborhoods for hosting on-location production.  A few kind words can go a long way toward making our communities more film-friendly.  We know the warm welcome producers receive when they take projects out of town, and we want them to feel just as welcome when they film on-location in L.A. and surrounding communities.

So, if you haven’t checked us out yet, head over to the Film Works website ( and have a look around.  There you can read some of the great articles we’ve posted to our blog, and register yourself or your business as a supporter (it’s free).

When you do, we’ll gladly send you some complimentary Film Works stickers and signs for your home, business, or vehicle(s).  The campaign is gaining momentum, and together, we can make a difference.