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Film Works Update: May Brings Happy News for California Crews

May, 2011 was a promising month for the State of California and its entertainment industry.  This month, Film Works shared some great news about the California Film & Television Tax Credit, a relocating television show and an announcement that the sequels to the biggest movie of all time are shooting in Los Angeles!

California Film & Television Tax Credit On Track for Five-Year Renewal


Big news for California film crews! AB 1069, which extends the California Film & Television Tax Credit for five additional years at $100 million-per-year in funding, passed the California Assembly on May 31 by a vote of 72-1!  Assemblyman Chris Norby of the 72nd Assembly District cast the lone “no” vote — and we shared our thoughts about that on the Film Works blog.

If Norby believes the way to “support Hollywood” is going to see a movie, and admits he “hasn’t seen one in a long time”, then, by his own definition, Norby does not support the California film and television industry.  Why Norby would not support a California industry that employs more than 200,000 state residents (many residing is his Orange County District), is composed of thousands of small businesses and pays over $15 billion annually in wages to Californians is beyond Film Works’ comprehension.

The bill now heads to the California Senate for a vote later this summer. And in case you weren’t aware, provided the bill passes, California will remain in the top five U.S. jurisdictions in total spending on film and television incentives.

Avatar Sequels to Shoot in Manhattan Beach:

More big California news!  According to the Los Angeles Times, James Cameron will be lensing the sequels to his hit film Avatar in Manhattan Beach:

Over the din of buzz saws and beeping forklifts, producer Jon Landau can barely contain his excitement as he strides into a 45-foot-tall sound stage that is barren except for workers building sets for a commercial shoot.

“We’re taking over these two buildings here. We’ll have 200-plus people working down here. This is going to be the heart of the next two `Avatars’,” he beams, referring to the planned sequels to the highest grossing film of all time.

Apparently, Los Angeles was able to beat out both Vancouver and New Zealand for the productions because of the infrastructure advantages Los Angeles has over the other two locations.  With L.A. already standing in for New York City, Miami and other incredible places — Film Works asks, why not Pandora?


Body of Proof Moving From Rhode Island to California:

FilmL.A.’s 2011 Television Pilot Production Report is coming out this week, but we already know that producers of the ABC series Body of Proof is relocating from Rhode Island to Los Angeles!  According to The Providence Journal, star Jeri Ryan was thrilled about the news, and one of the show producer’s “family obligations” factored heavily into the decision to relocate:

In a tweet, actress Jeri Ryan, one of the show’s stars, said the series was being renewed. And, she added, “to make good news even better, we’ll be shooting in LA!”

Ms. Ryan lives in Los Angeles. So does the show’s executive producer, Matthew Gross, whose desire to be nearer to family influenced the show’s decision to relocate.  Having the show in Los Angeles will create roughly 200 jobs and put millions of dollars into the local economy, proving there are many great reasons to film in Los Angeles besides sleeping in the comfort of one’s own bed!

Film Works thanks LA411 for giving us space to share some of this good news.  For the latest on the Film Works campaign and filming in Los Angeles, be sure to check out our website, blog and Facebook page.