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ICG Selects The 2017 Honorees For 21st Annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards

The International Cinematographers Guild (ICG Local 600) has chosen eight finalist for their annual  Emerging Cinematographers Awards (ECA).  The films the finalists submitted will be presented in their entirety during a multi-city screening  in celebration of this, the 21st year the ECAs have been recognized.

The collection of short films will be showcased at the ECA premiere event at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater in Los Angeles on September 24, 2017. Screenings in three major U.S. cities follow the event, including: the SVA Theatre in New York on October 29, the SCADshow in Atlanta on November 5 and the Logan Theatre in Chicago on November 12.

The honorees, who have been selected from 104 submissions are:

David Auerbach, 1st Assistant Camera (Red Lopez)

George Billinger, Operator (The Gate)

Kristen Correll, 2nd Assistant Camera (La Sirena)

Daniel Friedberg, 2nd Assistant Camera (LoveBird)

Michael Lockridge, Operator ((le) Rebound)

Jeff Powers, Operator (Will Wilson)

Roham Rahmanian, Digital Imaging Technician (Break the Will)

Jen Schneider, Operator (Unbound)

The purpose of the ECAs is to nurture talent within the Guild and to give promising cinematographers the crucial exposure they need to succeed in the motion picture industry.

Members are asked to submit films they have photographed with a running time of 30 minutes or less. The ECAs are open to any member of the Guild who is not already classified as a Director of Photography. The chosen filmmakers are journeymen, in their craft, who are performing above their current job classification.

The films are selected by a panel of ICG members from across the country and can be seen by a wider audience at film festivals.

Steven Poster, ASC, President of the ICG, said, “The Emerging Cinematographers Awards is a terrific opportunity for our talented members. The ICG wants to support and help boost their careers as they transition into Cinematographers. The ICG is currently the only professional organization in the motion picture industry that honors its newest talent.”

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