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Digital Vision Merges With Image Systems

Digital Vision has long been respected by the production community for its image enhancement and mastering systems.  Digital Vision software has been color grading content ranging from Lady Gaga’s music videos to the theatrical releases of “The Chronicles of Narnia” series.. At the beginning of April, Digital Vision announced the acquisition of Image Systems, a company well respected for its motion analysis and film scanning capacities by government organizations such as NASA.  The union of these two businesses will result in Digital Vision adopting the name Image Systems and providing a wide range of archival products that will come as a great benefit to the production community.

"We will really integrate well," said Mikael Jacobsson, CEO of Image Systems regarding the merger of Image Systems and Digital Vision.  "The scanners and the motion software are an important part of the image preservation process.  What will result from this union is superior security, a bigger research and development team, and we’ll have point products developed for broadcast and the technology sector reaching the market much faster than what is currently possible."

Jacobsson indicated in a press release announcing the merger that retaining the name "Image Systems" was a means of supporting the company’s dedication to "image science."  Products developed by the company will continue to focus on image processing, color grading and restoration while also providing a focus on motion analysis, 2D-3D solutions, and film scanners.  To ensure the customers of the two companies continue to receive products necessary to their particular needs and demands – Image Systems has long been utilized by global aerospace, defense, and automotive industries – three business units are being created: Media, Defense and Motion.  These units will be able to focus on the products that will benefit their clients needs while "cross selling" opportunities will be developed to broaden and benefit all markets.

Wasting no time in providing products that will benefit the entertainment industry, Image Solutions announced new systems and advancements in the Golden Eye and Nucoda product lines at this year’s NAB show. 


The latest update to the Image Systems film scanner line is the Golden Eye III film scanner.  The update to this model includes a new LED light source that enhances high-resolution image quality as well as increased processing speed and quick-change optics. New to the Golden Eye line is the Golden Eye Archiver, which provides affordable multi-format film scanning for archives requiring high throughput for preservation.  New to the Nucoda grading line is the next generation Precision grading panel.  This panel introduces a new touch screen technology and enhancements to the creative color toolset and post workflows, including stereoscopic 3D and advanced digital camera support for RED and ARRI.


“This is the first time the Golden Eye scanner has been shown at the NAB show, and we are very excited to present this technology to this sector,” said Jacobsson.  “We’re excited to provide a full set of options for preservation and restoration to a wide range of business units.  This is the start of a new and exciting enterprise.”


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