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2018 SOC Technical Achievement Award Nominees Revealed

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) has released the names of the products and manufacturers to be considered for the org’s 2018 Technical Achievement Awards.  The awards will be presented at the Saturday February 3, 2018 Lifetime Achievement Awards evening hosted at the Lowes Hollywood Hotel.  In order to become a competing nominee, each selected candidate must participate in Demo Day, set to take place November 11th, 2017, at the SOC headquarters in Burbank, CA.

The following list represents the Technical Achievement Award nominees who will participate in Demo Day:

  • Oppenheimer Camera Products Inc, OppCam Panhandle System • Cooke Optics Limited, Cooke / i Technology • Preston Cinema Systems, Light Ranger 2 • LLC, Plate Rig and Stock Library • BB&S Lightning, AREA 48 Remote Phosphor Softlight, Soft and Studio Models • RED Digital Cinema, RED WEAPON • Sigma Photo, Sigma Cine High Speed Zoom and Prime product line • DJI, Inspire 2 • DJI, Ronin 2

Active Members of the SOC are the judging panel for Demo Day.  Those involved in the judging include Luke Cormack, SOC,  Richard Davis, SOC, David Emmerichs, SOC, Eric Fletcher, SOC/Technical Chair, Dave Frederick, SOC, Dan Gold, SOC, Jamie Hitchcock, SOC, Manolo Rojas Moscopulos, SOC and David Sammons, SOC.

The Technical Achievement Award is given to a manufacturer or technology that has demonstrated superior engineering, advancement of camera operation, and substantial facilitation of the craft.   Members of the SOC are invited to attend the demonstrations and experience the gear at the completion of all demos.

For further information about the SOC’s Lifetime Achievement Awards and to purchase your seats for the evening: