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Colors And Flavors Key To Golden Globe’s Party

The Moet Ruby Red is the official cocktail of the 2016 Golden Globes.

By: Marjorie Galas

“The Wizard of Oz” did not receive a Golden Globe nomination.  The classic film was released in 1939, four years prior to the first Golden Globe ceremony in 1943.  This year, the film will feature prominently in the ceremony’s festivies as nearly 1,300 party guests flock to the Beverly Hilton on Sunday, January 10th.  Surrounding a stage draped in platinum and gold accents, guests will be reminded of Dorothy’s magical shoes as they hoist celebratory libations.

After hearing about Moet & Chandon’s competition that selected this year’s honorary cocktail for the Golden Globes, Los Angeles- based mixologist Karen Grill turned to her favorite film, “The Wizard of Oz” for inspiration on her winning entry.  “The Moet Ruby Red” ingredients evoked the film’s iconic ruby slippers, yellow brick road and Emerald City.  Based loosely on the French 75 cocktail, Grill started with a shrub, or base, of raspberry puree with a touch of sugar, lemon peel and tarragon.   The shrub is blended with lemon juice, vodka, then topped with a generous pour of Moet & Chardon Imperial.  The glass is finished with a garnish of lemon peel and a sprig of tarragon.   For those who prefer their bubbly straight up, 400 magnums of Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2004 will be on hand, in addition to minis that will be served on the red carpet.

The technicolor elegancy of Grill’s libation isn’t the only tasty treat that was concocted with care.  The evening’s dinner was carefully constructed by The Beverly Hilton’s Executive Chef Troy N. Thompson.  Using ingredients that are representative of California, Thompson created two aspects of the three course meal, including a salad and main course.

“The California Market Salad is more veggies than lettuce,” said Thompson.  “I carefully chose fresh and natural ingredients that a balance in color and flavor.”

Starting with a plate drizzled with olive oil, Thompson layered halved Japanese eggplant with baby bok choy and heirloom cherry tomatoes.  He then layered melon radish and added sauteed lotus root, daikon radish and mizuna. A ginger dressing completes the first course.   The main course was just as artfully created.  Thompson started with steelhead trout that was slow roasted with black garlic (garlic that was fermented in house) with the skin gently removed before plating.  Placed along side the trout was a filet of beef complete with a marinara crust.  Thompson added a perfectly sculpted round of sweet potatoes and a serving of spaghetti squash, and finished the dish with fried capers.

Thompson also created a vegetarian option, using soft baked heirloom sweet potatoes as a base, and filling them with an assortment of fricasseed winter vegetables including carrots, brocolini, cauliflower, and fava beans.  The fricassee was added to the center of the potato and topped with a creamed corn glaze.

To finalize the three course meal, The Beverly Hilton’s Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi designed a dish that balanced multiple textures and flavors.  Literally.

The plating contains a dessert trio:  flourless Grand Marnier carmella, lemon mousseline croquatine and California almond cake.  Each sweat was arranged on the plate in descending order size-wise.  The chef then created a white chocolate brittle piece that he placed on top of the almond cake.  Drizzled around the plate were four coulis that were made in house: strawberry, blueberry, kiwi and mango.  The each fruit’s sweet or tart quality complimented the finished desert. The final touch was a thin piece of chocolate that pierced through the brittle and anchored in the coulis.

“You always have to have the flavor of chocolate on the plate,” joked Henzi.

The finishing touch to the table settings placed on crisp cream colored linens were floral centerpieces created by Mark Held of Los Angeles’ premier floral design studio Mark’s Garden.  Looking to create a floral design that nice vibrancy against the gold background, Held choice for different varieties of gold and green roses, accented with hydrangea, hyacinth (both in deep shades of lavender) and purple vanda orchids.  The flowers will rest in glass cylinders that will be wrapped in platinum fabric.

Crew of party planners, grips and line producers have been on hand at the Hilton for the past several days, preparing for a flawless presentation.  On Sunday, 40 chefs and 110 culinary staff will be working to prepare the dinner that will be serviced by 250 individuals.  Once the Globes presentation concludes, many of the staff members will move on to preparing and serving appetizers for the many after parties that will be held throughout the hotel.

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