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Celebrated Cinematographers Featured At ASC Awards

The organizers of the 24th Annual American Society of Cinematographers Awards had an incredibly difficult time herding the attendees into the ballroom at the show’s commencement.  After a prolonged “lights-out” signal that the show must begin, the good-natured, celebratory chatter died down and people took their seats.

The highlights during the evening’s presentations came with each honorary recipient.  Michael Negrin, ASC, presented his father, Sol Negrin, with the ASC Presidents Award.  The younger Negrin remarked, “Unlike a lot of my friends’dads, my father always came home from work with a smile on his face.”  When Sol Negrin accepted the award he said, “to be selected for this award by my peers fills me with great pride.”  He stated his sixty years in the industry has provided him with “a wild assortment full of surprises and adventures.”

Actor Tim Roth was on hand to introduce International Award Recipient Chris Menges, ASC, BSC.  Roth reflected on the advice and help Menges gave him during his first acting role in the film “Made in Britain,” including how to stand and position himself for the camera, and how to allow the camera to find the emotion in the scene.  Upon receiving the award, Menges said, “All the past receivers of this award are my heroes.  They have made the impossible possible.”

When John C. Flinn III, ASC, received his award for ASC Career Achievement in Television, he shared the first piece of advice he received as a 22 year-old with the young cinematographers in the room: “work hard, pay attention and ask questions.”   To the seasoned professionals, he said “I’ve learned a lot from all of you, and I still am.”

Morgan Freeman graciously accepted the Board of Governor’s Award and thanked everyone for their dedication to the craft of film making.  The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented by Zooey and Emily Deschanel to their father Caleb Deschanel.

“My father won his first Oscar when I was three, and my mother was trying to explain why my dad was such a great man,” said Emily Deschanel.  “I said ‘I know, because he’s standing on top of the house.’  He was actually digging leaves out of the gutter.”

Caleb Deshanel credited the support of his family and wife of 40 years for providing him with his inspiration.  In addition to thanking his “dance partners,” the people he’s collaborated with over the years, Deschanel took a moment to voice his love of working with film.

“Digital lacks the mystery,” said Deschanel.  “When film goes through a camera, a dream is captured.  I’m always surprised at dailies.  I love the suspense of not knowing what lies on that film, and for that reason, I love working on film.”

The winners of the ASC Awards include:

Regular Television Series;  Eagle Egilsson  – “Dark Blue – Venice Kings”

Motion Picture, Miniseries or Pilot Television; Alar Kivilo, ASC, CSC – “Taking Chance”

Theatrical Release: Christian Berger, AAC – “The White Ribbon”