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California Location Professionals Heralded At COLAs

In between pitching “Snooki’s Sleep Over,” a reality series sending Snooki and five of her friends spelunking with flares and dynamite, and poking fun at his own sporadic career, COLA’s Master of Ceremonies Lorenzo Lamas congratulated all the evening’s nominees, celebrating them not only as people working in California, but also as “people who are keeping  the work in California.”

The theme of keeping productions in California echoed throughout the evening’s festivities.  Assembly Member Filipe Fuentes commended the state legislature for passing a two year extension of the California production tax credits, and suggested the dedication of each member of the audience would aid in the war against runaway production.

“The fight isn’t over,” said Fuentes.  “With your help we will grow and restore this industry in California.”

Gregory Alpert, TV Episodic Location Professional of the Year recipient for his work on “Luck,” bemoaned the cancelation of the show “before its time” but praised the film commissioners in California for their constant support.

“I’d like to thank the FLIC film office; they are always my first phone call,” said Alpert.  “They don’t get thanked enough.”

Scott Allen Logan, Commercials Location Professional of the Year for his work on “Gymkhana 5,” discussed the aid he received from San Francisco in hanging cables and blocking traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge.

“If that doesn’t say San Francisco is film friendly, I don’t know what will,” said Logan.

Chris Baugh, the Studio Feature Film Location Professional of Year for his work on “Argo,” described the response he received from actor who portrays the location manager in the film.  After informing the actor that he was the real location manager, he said to Baugh “Huh.”  The Studio Feature Film Location Team of the Year began their speech by poking fun at the fact that they signed confidentiality agreements that forbade them from speaking about the film.  Steve Woroniecki brought the conversation back to a serious note before the ceremonies concluded that evening.

“We are very appreciative to the producers of “Star Trek” for keeping the production in California,” said Woroniecki.

The winners of the 2012 California On Location Awards include:

Location Professional of the Year – Commercials

Scott Allen Logan – “Gymkhana 5”

Location Professional of the Year – TV Episodic

Gregory Alpert – “Luck”

Location Professional of the year – Independent Feature Film

Caleb Duffy – “Hitchcock”

Location Professional of the Year – Studio Feature Film

Chris Baugh – “Argo”

Location Team of the year – TV Episodic

“Southland: Sunset”

Location Team of the Year – Independent Feature Film

“Knight of Cups”

Location Team of the Year – Studio Feature Film

“Star Trek Into Darkness”

Production Company of the Year – Reality Television

Deven Chierighino – “Amazing Race”

Assistant Location Managers for Features

Keomanee Vilaythong – “The Dark Knight Rises”

Assistant Location Managers for TV

Eva Schroeder – “The Client List”

Public Employee of the Year – City

Greg Garrett – City of Tehachapi

Public Employee of the Year – County

Tony Martinez – Kern County Fire Department

Public Employee of the Year – State

John O’Rourke – CA State Parks, Humboldt Redwood State Park

Public Employee of the Year – Federal

Guy Langman – United States Coast Guard

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