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BMD Partners with Adoline/AV to Provide ImageCue

Broadway Media Distribution (BMD), a company dedicated to providing high quality scenic projection content, has announced a partnership with audio video company Adoline/AV.  The partnership with Adoline/AV will allow BMD to provide access to the ImageCue media server and other critical projection equipment for smaller theatrical groups.

Since its inception in 2013, BMD has worked with more than 2,500 theatres worldwide. BMD’s experience in the field has outfitted them with first hand knowledge on the uniqueness of each  theatre’s  stage size, equipment, space limitations, and budget restrictions.

Over the past six months, BMD has focused on finding a solution to make scenic projections more accessible for a wide array of diverse theatre groups. A key solution can be found in the ImageCue, an innovative media server that is compact, reliable, powerful and affordable. ImageCue controls video playback through a DMX512 lighting console, thereby eliminating the need for a separate computer to present projected scenic design content on a live stage.

ImageCue provides video selection and playback in less than a quarter of a second. The device has several advanced features including full RGB mixing of the background and color mixing that can tint scenic projections in the foreground. The server can also “devamp” looping videos, crossfade still images, and overlay custom title artwork onto images and videos.

The ImageCue media server is made available to Adoline/AV through a strategic distribution and marketing partnership directly with ImageCue.

BMD owner Quentin Sanford and ImageCue owner Bill Hewlett have worked together to make using scenic projections as easy as possible through their partnerships with Adoline/AV. Both owners share the same passion for theatre and desire that even the smallest of theatres have the highest-quality content and support equipment needed to produce compelling theatrical productions.

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