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Attention Variety 411 California Listees: Update Your Listing!

Visit the Los Angeles Section today to ensure your listing is correct!

Have you ever tried acquiring a service, only to find they have changed their phone number or moved to a new location? At Variety 411, we know change is a part of every business as well as professional growth. To ensure the changes to your business contact information are accurate, we reach out to all our listees once a year and ask them to review their information.

At this time, we request all businesses and crew members with a California listing take a moment to review their Variety 411 –Los Angeles listing information to ensure it is accurate and fully functional.

Here are a few items to look over to ensure accuracy:
• Company Name
• Company Address (the address can be hidden from public view if you prefer!)
• Company phone numbers
• Company fax numbers
• Company email
• Company website

Remember, there is NO FEE required to confirm or to modify your listing! This is a service we happily provide to ensure productions who are seeking to hire you can reach you quickly and efficiently. We ask that take a few seconds to respond back to us to confirm your listing if there are no changes, or supply the new information if there are updates needed. We will make all updates for you! You may reach us directly by emailing:

While changes are excepted at any point during the year, we do have a deadline to ensure all information is accurate that will be printed in the next edition of the Variety 411 – LA Edition printed directory. Deadline to complete updates is August 18th.