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Archive Available For TIFF: Financing Trends From The Fest Frontline

Panelist gather for the TIFF: Financing Trends From The Fest Frontline presentation.

On September 17th, 2015, Cynthia Wade informed attendees of the TIFF: Financing Trends From The Fest Frontline about her tenacity in making the Oscar winning documentary “Freeheld” – the film that launched the current Lionsgate release of the same name.

“I didn’t have the funds but I knew this story had to be told. I picked the camera up and told my husband I was going to find a way to move in with these women and tell their story,” said Wade.

Wade discussed the process of working with gay rights activities groups to help obtain the funding needed to finish the film. Producer Kire Paputts, who’s film “The Rainbow Kid” also premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival shared his story of acquiring funding. Initially utilizing a Kickstarter campaign, his budget was set too high and he received no funding at the end of his campaign. Determined to keep momentum on his film that focuses on a young man with Down Syndrome as he embarks on a fantastic quest, Paputts revisited the budget, made adjustments, and months later launched an IndieGoGo campaign. The second time around he exceeding his budgetary goal allowing the movie to become a reality.

Variety 411 in partnership with Entertainment Partners, Producers Guild of America and Association of Film Commissioners International have released the archive version of this event for those who were not able to attend its original webcast. Presented before a live audience at the Toronto Film Festival, the archive of the event is free and can be accessed at any time until March 1st, 2016.

Moderated by Joe Chianese, EVP, EP Financial Solutions, the panel featured producers, crowd funding experts, and tax incentive experts. The full list of guests includes:

Don Carmody, Executive Producer/Principle, Don Carmody Productions
John Hadity, EVP, EP Financial Solutions
Michael A Helfant, Producer, “Mr. Right”
Kristen Konvitz, Indiegogo, Film Vertical
Jennifer Liscio, Director, Legal Affairs, Tax Incentives & Corporate Counsel, Canada Film Capital
Kire Paputts , Producer/Director, “The Rainbow Kid”
Cynthia Wade, Producer, “Freeheld”

To view the archived event, please click on the link below: