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411 Publishing Kicks Off The 2013 Webinar Series At SXSW

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The South By Southwest Film Festival provided the backdrop for the Third season of the 411 Production Incentive Webinar Series.  Presented in conjunction with Entertainment Partners, AFCI and the PGA, the first installment of the 2013-2014 webinar series focused on centrally located states that are often overlooked by producers focused on maximizing their dollars.  Highlighted states included Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, West Virginia, and Texas.

Four producers with films featured at the SXSW Film Festival shared their experiences shooting in the highlighted states, as well as the reasons they continue to pick these destinations for new productions.  Elizabeth Avellan, found of Troublemaker Studios, has been a champion for the production community in Texans and opened a second studio, EYA Productions, to foster local talent both above and below the lines.  She spoke about the struggles to get the state to embrace the film community and the benefits Texas-based productions bring to the table.  Shannon McIntosh, an Oklahoma native who’s worked with directors including Quentin Tarantino, has resulted in producing films world-wide. A frequently partner with Avellan, the two were producers on “When Angels Sing,” a holiday narrative that featured many Austin locals, musicians, and natives.

“Holy Ghost People” producer Jeffrey Allard spoke about the challenge of obtaining incentives for his productions.  Finding locations with strong crew basses and infrastructure is crucial for him when planning a production.

Todd Sklar shared his experiences as a producer who also wrote and directed : “Awful Nice,” a buddy comedy that was crafted around specific Missouri locations.  Flip-flopping incentive legislation provided a lot of shaky ground and delayed start dates during the pre-production processes.

Rounding out the panel were Jill Simpson, Director, of the Oklahoma Film and Music office, and Nina Parikh, Deputy Director, Mississippi Film Commission.  Simpson offered examples of how the film commissions can come to the aid of producers, and provided an example of a producer reciprocating that favor.  During the last legislative board, George Clooney appeared before the members and provided a personal testimonial regarding the power of the states incentives.   Parikh described one Mississippi’s town bank records that illustrated a doubling of revenue when a film production set up shop.

The webinar was held March 14th, 2013 at the Buffalo Lounge at South By Southwest.  An archived version of the webinar is now available for review.  This presentation is free and may be viewed multiple times.  To access the presentation, click the link below: