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209 Group And Animatrik Partnership Poised To Ramp Up Performance Capture Solutions

209 group, a leading provider of high tech sales and strategy advice to the virtual market, has partnered with leading  performance motion capture technology and virtual production company Animatrik.  Leveraging a 20-year relationship, 209 group and Animatrik will combine expertise to deliver leading performance capture solutions to the film, television, games, and animation markets.

Animatrik’s headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada, with further locations in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California. The latter is home to NantStudio—a next-generation soundstage configurable to both traditional and virtual production. Recent Animatrik engagements include Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Doctor Strange.

“We’ve known Tom for over two decades, and know that his knowledge of the virtual space is second to none. Via this new partnership, we hope to augment the Animatrik service range and deliver more high-quality content to the world’s biggest projects,” said Brett Ineson, president and CTO, Animatrik.  Added Tom Armbruster, president, 209 group,  “We’re incredibly excited to be working with Animatrik—one of the world’s most experienced and well-equipped mo-cap solution providers. Our aim is simple: support Animatrik in its further growth via the new LA soundstage, and work on even more triple-A projects over the coming years.