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Video: Visions Of Oscar With Jeff Cronenweth, ASC

In a rare one-on-one, Jeff Cronenweth, ASC shares his point of view and experiences as one of the most sought after collaborators. Cronenweth is nominated for an Academy Award in Cinematography for the second time in two years for his work on David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, following last year’s nod for The Social Network. The cinematographer discusses his work on these highly regarded films, a brilliant career in music videos, and the successful production company he and his brother launched that boasts major work in spots. He brings a fierce focus on storytelling to his work, whether shooting movies like Fight Club, K9: The Widowmaker or One Hour Photo, lensing music videos for Nine Inch Nails or Celine Dion, or directing commercials for The Cronenweths. Moderated by Variety’s Peter Caranicas.


To watch the four part video series, please click the link below: