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The Press Room’s Golden Soundbites

GP Productions

As everyone’s attention turns to the annual Academy Awards on February 26th,  411 Publishing takes a look back at the excitement of the Golden Globes, specifically the comments, declarations, and jokes made by the winners as they stepped up on the press room’s podium.

Christopher Plummer (on what types of roles he’s enjoyed during his career)

"I’ve played most of the great roles, except Falstaff.  I hate all that padding."  

Laura Dern (on what’s challenging about her role on “Enlightened”)

"Anger is nerve-wracking.  I was raised by a very strict mother and grandmother, so even if you felt it, you don’t show it."

Kate Winslet (on what she liked most about her role in “Mildred Pierce”)

"I enjoyed learning how to properly prepare a chicken in New York.  My children got to eat a lot of chicken."

Idris Elba (on why he wore sneakers to the ceremony)

"If I didn’t win, I was going to get violent with someone."

Steven Spielberg (on what it’s like to work on an animated feature)

"You do everything; it can be very complex in the choreography of the camera.  It’s so malleable."

Jessica Lange (on the hardest part of her “American Horror Story” role)

"The hairdo.  It really tested my patience."

Octavia Spencer (on what it felt like to win a Golden Globe)

"I’m sorry ya’ll, but these shoes have to come off. Ah yes, this is the ultimate party and I got the ultimate party favor"

Matt LeBlanc (on how he decides if something is funny)

"If you laugh when you read the script, then you know it is funny."

Morgan Freeman (on his feelings regarding his body of work)

"I would like to think of my career that I might have had an impact on some of the changes taking place today."

Morgan Freeman (on the death of soaps)

"After 100 years, it was time to go."


Jesse Tyler Ferguson (on protest against gay characters taking place outside the Beverly Hilton)

"America’s a great place: speech is free and you are able to expose the fact that you are an idiot."



Meryl Streep (on why she chooses to play historical figures)

"It doesn’t matter to me if the person is a waitress or a Queen; I don’t discriminate that way."



Jean Dujardin (on being the George Clooney of France)

"It’s a joke; it’s nice but hard for me to hear such things.  I don’t know what to say, I just need time to understand what I am holding."



Alexander Payne (on how he chooses his subject matter)

"The material chooses me.  I have the flash of an idea, and that is the one I would like to make."



George Clooney (on his thoughts about the evening)

"I’m in awe of Sidney Poitier.  He received the longest standing ovation of the evening, and the barriers he truly broke – it’s amazing."