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Production Incentive Webinar Series: State Of The Slate

The Production Incentive Webinar Series, presented by 411 Publishing, Entertainment Partners, the Producers Guild of America, and the Association of Film Commissioners International, will be presenting their next webinar installment in front of a live audience at the Cucalorus Film Festival in North Carolina.

Now in its 19th year, the Cucalorus Film Festival is a five day event held in Wilmington, North Carolina.  This year’s annual festival will be presenting 207 independent and international films.  Past features that premiered at Cucalorus include “Paradise Falls” and “Killer Diller.”  The festival has also become a breeding ground for many Oscar-winning films, including “Taxi to the Dark Side,” “Freehold” and “God of Love.”   The mission behind the Cucalorus Film Festival is to showcase bold, innovative filmmaking with programs dedicated to dance, emerging artists, social justice, works-in-progress, global cinema, as well as promoting the creative community in North Carolina.

“State of the Slate: The Future of Film in North Carolina” will be presented by Entertainment Partners at Thalian Hall in Wilmington on November 14th.  The panel will highlight the film and television production incentives tax structure and production resources that have made North Carolina an evolving filmmakers destination.  Moderated by Joe Chianese, Executive VP of EP Financial Solutions, the panel will explore the current and future state of film and television production in North Carolina, highlighting recent productions including the CBS hit television series “Under the Dome”, “Iron Man 3”, “Sleepy Hollow” and the Emmy winning series “Homeland”.   The panel will be conducted before a live audience and will be simultaneously broadcast on the City of Wilmington’s Cable TV/Internet channel, GTV.  The presentation will be recorded and presented as a free webinar on Tuesday, November 19th.  The hour-long webcast will begin at 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST.

“We’re very excited about the webinar panel being presented from the Cucalorus Film Festival,” said Marjorie Galas, Editor, 411 Publishing.  “Although the webinar series has conducted live panels at film festivals including Cannes, Sundance and South by Southwest, this will be the first time the panel will occur in an auditorium before a large audience.   With the festival’s focus on North Carolina, this particular panel provides an opportunity to explore the evolution of one state’s incentive structure.”

Panelists will include Aaron Syrett, Director, North Carolina Film Commission, Dale Williams, Film and Television Producer and Unit Production Manager for  “Under the Dome,” Bill Vassar, VP, EUE Screen Gems Studio, Jason Rosin, Business Manager, IATSE Local 491, and Susan Ruskin, Dean, UNC School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking.

True to past Production Incentive Webinar formats, Mr. Chianese will begin with an over-view of all significant recent global incentive structure changes.   Throughout the course of the webinar, web attendees will be able to submit questions that will be answered at the conclusion of the webcast.   The webinar will also be archived for six months after its webcast, and may be repeatedly visited and viewed at no charge in its archived state.

To register for “The State of the Slate: The Future of Film in North Carolina” as well as view past webinars, please visit: