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NAB 2015: Showstopper Highlights Rabble.TV, Aputure

Rabble users shared their comments on the broadcast of baseball rivals the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Photo Credit: GP Productions

The Showstoppers is an event highlighting the best and brightest (or the fastest at selecting a booth) that allows press a first chance viewing of key innovations and highlights. This year’s event featured plenty of data storage and data delivery services. Mixed in with these offerings were some interesting concepts provided by Rabble.TV and Aputure.

Rabble.TV has launched a free, community-driven live audio streaming website and app. Targeted at sports and television fans, Rabble.TV lets users create and find alternative audio options for their favorite television programming.

Anders Steele, Media Relations for Rabble.TV stated the innovation does not incorporate any actual programming, therefore  the system is able to bypass messy copywrites and legal issues. It is primarily a platform utilizing the power of social media to allow fans to present their own style of story-telling that supports a national (or paid) broadcasting.

Looking a bit like a hyper-active Twitter feed, several hundred fans were caught up in a game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees for the live demonstration taking place at the Rabble.TV booth. “What we are doing is letting fans share their viewpoints and add excitement to this game.”

In addition to highlighting the benefits of a multi-user platform, the Rabble.TV press release states: “No need to audition or qualify for a broadcasting spot – just sign up to start Rabbling today.’  With their iOS mobile component, Rabble.TV users can listen to the live feeds from anywhere.

You can learn more about Rabble.TV by visiting their website:

Ted Sim, Sales & Marketing rep for Aputure, is dedicated to helping professionals obtain the gear they need for prices that won’t break the bank. “Our company mission is not only to make top-of-the-line professional camera accessories, but also to make them affordable to everyone.”

Items that will be available through Aputure in the upcoming months include the DEC Adapter. This DEC is a wireless remote adapter that allows one to attach Canon EF-mount lenses to MFT mount or E-mount cameras. It utilizes a 2.4GHz FSK radio signal and wireless control system to allow the user the ability to seamlessly adjust aperture, smoothly pull focus and start/stop recording. It has no wires or external gears, and has an estimated pricing of $389.00.

Another item available through Aputure is the Array Trans (Wireless Image Transfer), a real-time wireless monitoring solution that transmits a fully uncompressed HDMI signal in ProRess4422 with zero latency up to 95 meters away. Fully uncompressed data transfer allows to record remotely. Zero latency ensures users are getting exactly what they see. It utilizes a 60Ghz array module that supports up to 1920x1080p, 60fps signals. Estimated pricing starts at $500.00.

Visit their website for pricing and release dates: