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Indywood Film Carnival Aims To Promote Content, Improves Standards

Sohan Roy S K, CEO of Dubai-based Aries Group and a professional film maker, will never forget the 2011 release of his first film in his native India.

“It was the worst day in my life,” explained Roy.  ”It looked and sounded nothing like what was shot.  I was so embarrassed.  We removed it from the theaters.”

Despite India’s standing as the top ranking country in theatrical productions – annually producing roughly four times the amount as the US – not all distribution facilities within the country have been outfitted with the technology used in contemporary film projection.  Roy experienced this first hand when watching his 3D feature at an Indian cinema.  To rectify the situation, Roy developed a plan that would not only ensure Indian movie goers in every part of the country would obtain the theater experiences they deserved, it would unify the film community of India with the rest of the world.

Thus began the Indywood Film Carnival.  The concept was put into operation last year with the launch of All Lights India International Film Festival, which featured world premieres of films representing more than 100 countries, and the Indywood Film Market; India’s global film marketplace for international films seeking access to the Indian market and Indian films seeking global distribution.  In a press conference held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that featured Satish Chandran, Executive Vice President of Aries Group, John Dohm, Senior Vice President, Operations, Finance and IT, Real D, and Greg Agostinelli, Vice President, EPICA, Los Angeles, Roy announced the Second Annual Indywood Film Carnival.  Promoted as “the largest celebration of film ever produced in India”, the event will include the All Lights India International Film Festival, the Indywood Film Market, conferences, panel discussions and workshops.   The Carnival, supported by the state government of Telangana and patronized by the Chief Minister of the State Sri K Chandrashekar Rao, will be held September 24 – 27 at Ramoji Film City.  At 2,000 acres and employing over 10,000 individuals, Ramoji Film City is the world’s largest integrated film studio complex. Corporate partners of the event include KFC, BMW, Pepsi, Qube and Tata.

In addition to the Carnival, Roy also introduced the Indywood Project. The Indywood Project consists of 100 targeted goals including: revamping existing theaters and studios, anti-piracy drives and a tax reduction of ten select shooting locations. The $10 billion project is driven by 2,000 corporate firms and Indian billionaires, and aims to integrate and revamp the Indian film industry over next five years.  The revitalization of the film industry includes the launch of 10,000 4K multiplex screens, development of film studios, the creation of state-of-the-art animation and visual effects facilities, and film schools.

“Young people are the gateway,” said Roy.  “Focusing on the next generation will change the mindset of the film making community.”