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From Createasphere: Stereographer Keith Collea on the Power of Stereoscopic 3D


Keith Collea is a versatile and knowledgeable stereographer who has constructed 3D landscapes across a gamut of independent and studio features. He has worked on indies such as The Gene Generation and The Mortician 3D as well as big-budget productions like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D and The Monkey King 3D, Asia’s largest 3D production to date.


Createasphere caught up with him after the successful launch of the 3D Road Show in Chicago last week.



Createasphere: What drew you into stereoscopic 3D?

Keith: To put it simply, I find 3D an amazing storytelling tool. I am always motivated to find the best way that 3D can be used to help in that process, and I think that it offers a new dimension to telling stories that is unique.


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