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FotoKem’s nextLAB Hits The Midwest

LA 411 listee FotoKem began as a family owned post production service in 1963.  Since that time, it has evolved to offer a full range of services including file-based workflows, 3D digital intermediates, digital cinema packages, mobile dallies, global data delivery, film and video finishing, audio mixing and mastering, visual effects, restoration, and production equipment rentals.  Over the past several years FotoKem has been able to expand its reach by acquiring companies such as SPY Post, Keep Me Posted, and L.A. Studios/Margarita Mix, as well as operating a post production facility out of the Raleigh Studios Budapest facility.  This past June FotoKem announced that Fletcher Camera & Lenses offices in Chicago and Detroit will represent their nextLAB system, extending their reach into the Midwest.

The nextLAB mobile system incorporates FotoKem’s proprietary file-based workflow software and is designed to assist with streamlining workflow from ingest to delivery and archive on set or near a location.  The software securely stores media, archives to LTO, and provides quality control tools, including audio syncing, color management, and transcoding.  These systems are particularly useful in serving the industry’s transition to RAW and data-centric camera formats such as ARRI Alexa, RED, Silicon Imaging, and Canon DSLR.  The nextLAB system includes custom software, a rugged enclosure, and full training and technical support are provided to its users.

Fletcher Camera & Lenses is known as a high-end camera and lens rental house dedicated to the Midwest production community.  Over the past several years, Fletcher became more involved in all aspects of the content creation process, including post production.  Seeing a need for mobile production services, Fletcher built its own mobile system, COSmoS, that was designed to handle onset data management and editorial services.  When vice president of Fletcher Camera & Lenses Tom Fletcher discovered the nextLAB, he recognized the value of the system immediately.

“Fletcher was among a very small number of companies that started to build the solutions for what was coming with data-centric workflows,” said Fletcher in a statement about the collaboration.  “When I saw where FotoKem had taken nextLAB, I immediately knew they had built something truly amazing; they get it.  The nextLAB workflow improves efficiency for all types of projects – motion pictures, commercials and television.”

Fletcher Camera & Lenses commenced its alliance with FotoKem by offering two introductory workshops in mid June:   Their first was an introductory session entitled “Producing in a Data World: Exploring Mobile Lab Services.”  Their second training session was an intensive hands-on training session for area technicians.  More classes will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

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