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Canon At NAB 2016: A Beautiful Planet

By: Marjorie Galas

Canon’s annual NAB press dinner featured a special guest: DP James Neihouse.  Neihouse has been capturing amazing images for years, including “Space Station 3D”, “NASCAR: The IMAX Experience” and “Hubble 3D.”   He attended the dinner to highlight his use of the newest line of Canon lenses and cameras in the upcoming IMAX film, “A Beautiful Planet.”   Monitoring a series of thirty Space Station placed cameras remotely from Earth, Neihouse and his team captured images of the planet’s surface that have never been seen before.

“I’m not just saying Canon products are superior because I am here,” said Neihouse.  “They are always reliable, and without them this project wouldn’t be the same.”

While unspecified, it appears Neihouse used a prototype of Canon’s new EF 200-600f/4.5 -5.6 IS super telephoto zoom lens.  Tim Smith, President of NAB, expect the lens to be available to the public in mid-2016.  The lens will be lighter and more compact than telephoto lenses of the past, with plenty of attractive specifications that camera lovers will rejoice over (no documents were available at press time on the lens.)  Above all, Smith proclaimed he is aiming to provide “low cost , high quality offerings” that will keep Canon competitive.

Featured on the show floor was the ME 200S-SH, what can be considered the “little brother” to the Canon ME20.  Outfitted with the sensors found on the Canon C100 camera, the full frame high resolution ME 200S-SH is perfect for Super35 sizing. It records to an external device through  SDi or HDMI and can be configured a number of different ways making it adaptable for both studio and location useage. Due to the box format it can have a very small footprint.

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