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California Legislators Look at Extending California Credits

The film and television industry is California’s economic backbone and an integral part of the state’s cultural identity, from San Diego to Eureka and everything in between.  Sadly, many Californians take the industry for granted.  Many outside the business do not know that runaway production exists, much less realize the negative effect it has on California communities.

The California State Legislature is currently looking at ways to address the problem of runaway film and television production to other states and nations.  One piece of legislation, AB1069, is currently pending in the California State Senate after it was overwhelmingly endorsed by the State Assembly by a vote of 72-1 in favor.

AB1069 would extend the life of California’s existing Film and Television Tax Credit Program by funding the program at $100m/year for another five years.  If you would like to educate yourself about AB1069 and the California Film and Television Tax Credit, a good place to start is the following “white paper” prepared for the legislature: White Paper: California Film Incentive.

But let’s say you already know something about AB1069 and want to share your thoughts about it with your elected representatives.  AB1069 is already under review in committees of the California State Senate, so you haven’t much time to take action.

Taking Action:  Contacting Your Elected Officials


When sharing your thoughts with elected officials at any level of government, know that research has shown that thoughtful phone calls and individually-crafted letters are far more effective ways to share your thoughts than fax or email forwards.

It’s also important when writing letters to make them personal.  Consider telling your representatives why the film and television industry is important to you and your family.

Once you demonstrate why this issue is important to you personally, you can then choose to add information from one or more of these collections of facts:

FACT: Runaway Production Causes Real Damage to California


FACT: The Film and Television Industry is Vital to California’s Economy


FACT:  The California Film & Television Tax Credit Makes a Difference


At Film Works, we send our thanks to the thousands of concerned Californians working together to make a difference and preserve this signature industry.

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